moses update

today moses went to the vet to have the hyperthyroid diagnosis confirmed. they took blood for a lab test (as opposed to the in-house test that was done originally), took his heart rate and blood pressure.

his heart rate and blood pressure are still up, but he hasn’t developed a heart murmer, which is good– that can happen with hyperthyroid.

i told the vet that i don’t want to use the radiation treatment. because there’s no heart murmer, the condition hasn’t reached a critical level yet and the vet was willing to try transdermal medication rather than pills. if the transdermal medication doesn’t get the condition under control, we’ll have to go to pills, but we have some time to try the approach i want.

i can pill moses, in fact he had to take a de-wormer recently (just in case that was the cause of the original vomiting) and i had no trouble at all getting him to take them. still, the transdermal meds– which are rubbed on the cat’s ear daily or twice daily– are going to be easier and probably less traumatic for everyone. it’s also something that probably anyone can do, so when i go up to virginia, i might find a friend who can administer his meds while i’m gone, and i won’t have to bring him with me or put him in a kennel.

he seems to take vet visits in stride these days, i think because of the series of arthritis shots that he received late last year. which is good, because we’ll have to have his blood tested periodically to see how well the meds are working.

one thing that i didn’t expect was that, in order to get his blood pressure, they shaved a patch on the underside of his tail! i didn’t even see it until i got home. poor moseman. as if being subjected to all of these vet visits isn’t bad enough, now he’s got a bald patch on his tail.

oh, and a visit from a dog, today and tomorrow. really, the indignities.