move, part 2

There’s actually a part two to jason’s move into my house: the tools. The tools have stayed at his house because he’s still working on it, but he’s drawing his work to a close very soon so it can go on the market. This means moving the formidable collection of tools to my house. Most will go into the basement, but we’re still undecided about the table saw. It folds cleverly, but the safe, dry living space of my house is so cramped that, even folded, there’s no good place to put it – and storing such a nice, new machine in the river-runs-through-it basement is a little scary.

a river is, in fact, currently running through my basement. coupled with the clutter down there that needs to go – it seems endless – it’s a very depressing space to confront.

the actual moving of the tools won’t be a walk in the park, either. imagine an engineer living in a fixer-upper whose favorite store is lowes and who has disposable income to spend over the course of five years or so.

the current plan is to start packing them while we’re up in Va during my winter break, then move them one weekend in early January.