movie: Charlie Wilson’s War

this movie takes place from 1980 until 1988– while i was in junior high, high school, and college. during that time, i didn’t watch the news, i didn’t read the paper, and by the time i got to college i didn’t even watch tv at all. i was clueless about a covert war in afghanistan.

so my only exposure to that event is a movie starring tom hanks and julia roberts. how sad is that?

it felt strange to laugh during a movie about such a serious topic, but that’s the hollywood treatment: sugar makes the medicine go down. there were, in fact, some fairly comic bits in the movie. the refugee camp scenes (the most serious parts of the film) cannot be compared to those in ‘beyond borders’, which might be considered as an interesting companion to this movie.

it was nicely put together, smooth, entertaining, and probably largely factual.