movies and metallic sweat

i’ve been watching a lot of movies. for posterity (or my own memory) here are my brief evaluations of what i’ve seen this week:

* *Juno* – Awesome. Keep listening to the soundtrack and want to see it again when it comes out on video.

* *Cashback* – Another youth movie. Also pretty awesome. Distracting that the star plays Oliver Wood in the Harry Potter movies, but I’d lost the sensation of _hey, that’s oliver wood!_ by the end of the movie. A really nice film.

* *Suburban Girl* – Having been a huge Buffy fan, I retain a loyalty to SMG and like to watch her romantic comedies. Stuff like this probably doesn’t do anything for her career, but I really enjoy her more in something with some emotional range rather than in a horror movie. Nice.

* *Once* – nice but not earth-shattering. the improbability of an unrehearsed band getting a big, OTT GYBE-esque song perfectly right on the first take in a studio was a bit distracting. some nice moments between the two leads, though.

Tonight it’s Oscars catch-up time: MM is coming over to watch some combination of *Michael Clayton*, *Eastern Promises*, or *Across the Universe*. We both saw ATU in the theater but loved it and want to see it again.


very odd experience on monday and tuesday of feeling like i was sweating chrome all day. decided to stop taking the vitamin supplements i had started. that sensation is gone today so.. yeah. i won’t do that again.