my cat obviously feels better

because he’s started sitting on my head every morning at 6am. it’s just his little way of saying, “you shouldn’t be in REM sleep, you should be walking out to the kitchen with me JUST IN CASE there’s no food in my bowl.”

i always get up and shuffle to the kitchen with him. there’s always food in his bowl. he’s like, “ooh, food! i shall eat this!”

sigh. my cat.

it’s also really weird for him to weigh less. after having had a fat kitty for so many years– he topped out at 21 lbs a few years ago, and has been holding steady around 17 for the last year or so– it’s like he’s shrinking before my very eyes. he has all this ground clearance now. i am sure people meeting him for the first time will still say, “wow, that’s a BIG CAT!” because he’s not just overweight, he’s tall and long and very sturdy, but to me he’s getting kind of little.

it’s good for his health of course. but i kind of miss the squishyness.