my civic duty, part one

at lunch i wrote:

bq. Jury Duty – 8:30am, Judicial building.

bq. Charles Kurault.

bq. too noisy to read in the Jury Room. CNN on, people talking.

bq. when Obama comes on to give his speech on racism, the room goes almost silent. one man stands throughout the speech. i find it riveting and put down my book. i think, this man _needs_ to be president.

bq. near what must be the end, the TV’s shut off. the clerk calls our attention and starts calling names. mine is called and i resign myself to being selected. i’ve seen the docket and it’s pretty ugly. murders, at least one rape. drugs are the best i can hope for, or conspiracy w/o violence.

bq. after many of us are called, she tells us to go to lunch! for three hours! i go to Toast.

it was delicious. i appear to be the target demographic– the majority of patrons were white women, often alone or meeting each other, around my age or a bit younger. i suppose that describes the woman behind the register who i think i recognize, maybe from back when i went to a lot of rock shows. she looked extremely happy.

my painini was described as “proscuitto, tomatoes, mozzarella”, which doesn’t do it justice. the tomatoes had been roasted, the mozzarella was fresh. the ham was so salty and thinly sliced.

if i had reason to eat lunch in downtown durham, i’d probably go there every day. but, i’m still hoping i won’t have such a reason.