my civic duty, part two

as of 4pm, none of us had been called in to a courtroom for jury selection, even the people who did not get to go to lunch early.

the judge came into the jury room to explain. there were murder cases on the docket that plead at the last minute. the judge said that if he had not had a room full of jurors ready to go, the pleas would not have happened, and he thanked us for our service.

so basically… someone who is a murderer keeps about a hundred people sitting in a room doing nothing all day while they try to decide if they are going to plea bargain or go to trial.

okay, i am still very in touch with the fact that there are countries in the world where no one gets a trial with an impartial jury of their peers. i’m glad we have this system. it has flaws but it’s fairer and more just than what a lot of the world has.

but a big FUCK YOU to the assholes who KILLED PEOPLE and then put a hundred people’s lives on hold for the day. our productivity is going to be giving you a place to live and three squares for the next several decades, too, so BITE ME. next time just cop the plea and serve your time.