My first ‘vogs

For the longest time I thought my first pair of Fluevogs were the black Angels I bought back in the ’90’s, but a current ebay auction leads me to believe that that is not true.


When I was in college (which was well prior to the time in my life when I could afford to buy a pair of new Fluevogs), a friend who was from Boston gave me a pair of very pointy black shoes– shoes that looked _exactly_ like the shoes above. They had belonged to her sister originally.

I loved those shoes. They were so pointy! So odd! I wore them until one of the heels started falling off, and then i’d keep wearing them and slap the heel back on whenever it came off.

I think a few years ago I gave them to a thrift store, sadly. Now I really wish I’d kept them. I never cottoned on to the fact that they might be Fluevogs– by the time I received them, any markings inside the shoes had been worn away.