no news is good

i’m on a sort of news break at the moment. i got my satellite radio all hooked up again yesterday and as a result didn’t listen to NPR during my commute. realized that i like taking news breaks sometimes and they do a lot for my mental outlook. cause you know, the news is pretty much all bad all the time.

many years ago i happened to catch a few episodes of dr. andrew weil’s “six weeks to optimum health” and for one of the weeks a news break was the goal. “if something big happens, you’ll hear about it,” i remember him saying. i still think it’s pretty solid advice.

in other, um, news i’ve started photographing my outfits after work every day because you know what? mirrors lie! i am kind of horrified, and after today feeling a little demoralized. tomorrow i plan to break out my favorite – and what i think is my best looking – cold weather ensemble. we’ll see how it stacks up.

no plans to submit said photos to “wardrobe remix”: at this time. they’re pretty much for me and me alone to be horrified by. still fascinated by fashion blogs (or, in the parlance of the community, personal style blogs).