not optimal

actually, that’s an understatement. i am most displeased.

i ordered a dension icelink gateway 400 for the ‘pod. this magickal device is supposed to let you connect your ipod and other devices, continue to use your cd changer, charge the ipod, and do all this fancy stuff.


i let the guy talk me into the one that plugs into the back of the radio instead of the one that plugs into the cd changer in the hatch. mistake.

i removed the radio and the glovebox trying to see if i could get the device into the glovebox. no dice, i couldn’t see a way to do it without cutting a hole in the glovebox, wasn’t sure there was enough cable to reach anyway, and i don’t have the right tools to cut that hole.

hell of a time getting the glovebox back in, and when i finally shone sufficient light on the subject (note to self, get a BATTERY POWERED work light) i was devastated to see that i had scratched up spacepod’s dash really badly. my poor baby. like the rust and the mildew aren’t enough (and i got an eyeful of those when i was looking inside the dash).

i ran the cables down below the dash. the link device doesn’t connect solidly. i don’t know where i’ll put the ipod cradle, really.

sigh. ok, so i get the dash all put back together and it works and stuff but it’s really weird the way it works. the user guide is less than helpful. the UI is crazy and it takes over and forces you to use it’s UI instead of the awesome ipod UI that is easy to use and i already know how to use it.

and the cherry on the ass cake is that apparently you have to turn the car off and back on to switch to the cd changer. um, i don’t think so!


on the up side, after i finished up with all of this, i came inside to mail from J wherein he listed out the many tempting and delicious foods he is bringing for us to have on the road. yaaaay!


so, apparently the motels we’re staying at don’t have high speed internet access. just dialup.