not to complain, but

boy has it rained a lot. and the timing… holding a yard sale in the rain. packing a u-haul in the rain. walking the dog in the rain, many days in a row. tomorrow we’ll be driving a u-haul in the rain.

next week is the big exciting final week before we’re done with the house. J will leave NC mid-week and work for several days. the bathroom will be renovated (we hope) at the same time. loads of stuff will go to charities. i’ll come back on saturday to help with the final cleaning. J meets with the realtor sunday. she hasn’t seen it painted or anything. i want her to be _impressed._ we both look forward to seeing the house empty, all fixed and all clean.

at the yard sale (which did not occur on the soggy yard) we brought people inside to see a few larger items – one lady commented on how nice the house was, all the character. it was so heartening.