notes during big rain

the basement is wet. not a-river-runs-through-it wet, but there’s more than just a little dampness, and from all the usual places.

i decided to see what happens during a Live Rain Situation.

i’ve always been able to hear and see water splashing over the sides of the gutters that are right over the outdoor stairwell that goes down into the basement. this has always been a trouble area.

so, the gutters were recently cleaned, and the drain at the bottom of the stairwell is pretty clear, but there’s still plenty of water coming in that way. and i checked with a flashlight, and those gutters are still overflowing, which they should _not_ be if they are clean. so WTF?

could be a downspout clog, especially on one of them. when i was working on that downspout a few weeks ago, i could tell i wasn’t the first person to mess with it. somewhere along the line, someone ran that downspout into an underground drain, not the kind that originally came with the house, but the black flexible kind you get at lowes, and bury, and hope for the best.

i think the best may no longer be happening. mainly, i’m concerned that the gutter wasn’t properly cleaned (or it filled with crap again), or there’s a clog in the part of the downspout that is above ground. this gutter is particularly high up and over a stairwell, which is why i hire someone else to clean it in the first place. that should make it fairly interesting to troubleshoot. oh, and i think the power line for the house comes in right under it. good times.