now we are twelve

i took moses to see dr. miller today. he seems kinda stiff and he cries when he lays down, usually, so i figure that arthritis is probably starting to creep in. i want to keep him moving as much as possible to help with his weight problems, and also just want him to be as comfortable as possible as he ages.

the big surprise of the visit was… he has lost over 2lbs in six months! i don’t think we’ve seen this kind of weight loss since we first started trying to get his weight down several years ago. for a kitty, that is a lot– close to 10% of his body weight. this is very good news.

not surprisingly, dr. miller gave me some glucosamine for his arthritis. he’s actually been pretty active lately, and hopefully the glucosamine will help turn him into a super playful, active kitty. those of you who are used to him being a sedentary 20lb blob may be in for a surprise… let’s hope 🙂