ode to vogs – day four – the witchy shoes

well, i’ve skipped over a pair, chronologically, but that’s because i have to save those for last.

as you can see here, though, i was getting a lot bolder.

style? check. lots of it. there’s a part of me that’s never let go of wanting to be a goth girl. not goth like it is now, but like it was _then._ a lot more Wednesday Addams— a lot less blue and orange fake dreadlocks. and if these aren’t wednesday addams shoes, well, then i don’t know what are. i think it’s also worth noting that they are quite pointy! yes, i actually had pointy shoes before everyone was going on about pointy shoes. not that i wore them much– still don’t, actually, as they are still slightly outrageous and a bit too large.

heel? oh, my, yes.

girly? actually, very girly. not in a cute flowers kind of way, of course. but no doubt, these are girl shoes– very sleek, very feminine. nothing butch about ’em.

that goth girl lurking inside has also been eyeing “these”:http://www.fluevog.com/code/images/00000113_zoom.jpg for some time, too, but they’re too much. i’m pretty sure i could never get away with them.

miss mary mack, mack, mack

all dressed in black, black, black

with silver buttons, buttons, buttons

all down her back, back, back….