ode to vogs – day three

guest entry today from “christa…”:http://home.earthlink.net/~christa.wessel/blog.html

“lisa says these ‘vogs didn’t play a big part in her shoe development, but they made a huge impact on mine. in fact, i loved her pair so much, i got a pair of my own!

i’d never owned a pair of open-toed sandals before (my dad had a weird phobia about toes that he passed on to me), so this was a risky purchase in that regard. but also — check out the big honkin’ metal ring! the warning bell in my head kept ringing “risky risky risky!!”

still, i love them so much. i’ve had them for at least 5 years; they’ve been the most sturdy pair of shoes i’ve ever bought.”

clunky though they may be, i think these did represent moving more toward the girly end of the spectrum, for me. and, as with all fluevogs, they have style to spare, and oddly seem to transcend trends (although i often think of fluevogs as quite trendy!)

mine are too big, i did manage to wear them all one summer, but have had to give them up since. i can’t quite manage to part with them, though.