oh, let’s rant about the weather again, shall we?

Living in North Carolina at the end of summer is a masochistic act.

We all have our reasons for being here: home, work, family, friends. Some people probably even like the crippling heat and soul-crushing humidity.

If the summers keep getting hotter, will we see a migration northward? Will the smart people move somewhere where the weather suits their clothes? Will our economy collapse? will North Carolina become the new Alabama?

Currently, we’re about two inches behind average for rain for the year. Last year at this time it was closer to three– but Falls Lake was dry a year ago, and as of a month ago, the lake looked quite healthy. So to paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of a drought have been greatly exaggerated.

No, it’s just the heat that’s worrying me.

New York provided a tantalizing taste of early Fall weather. It was entirely tolerable and lovely the whole week, with some cozy coolness and rain on our last day.


Wee trendlets that seem to be starting in NYC: leggings for women, worn under skirts, ending mid-calf, sometimes with lace trim. Could this be any more 80’s? Any less flattering to all but the most slim? Women of New York, I beg you, those of us in the Colonies wish you would not let this trendlet take hold or it will surely come our way.

The mullethawk. Really… don’t. Just don’t.


The Fluevog store was one of the most fun places we visited. We went in early on Saturday while the sales folks were still downing coffee and re-arranging their hair. We were the only customers in the store. Someone put on MIA. Soon there were boxes of shoes scattered around the floor. Someone had brought their little dog in to work with them. Another little dog appeared at the door (owner in tow). Then the two little dogs were chasing each other around the store and wrestling. Party!


I could do a recap of the entire NYC trip, but would you really want to read it? I think “the photos”:http://flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/tags/nycaugust2006/ are a better way to see the story, if you want to.