oh that’s much better…

for those keeping score, i’d have to rate today a solid 7 in comparison to yesterday’s dismal 2 or 3. my evening choice of beverage last night was, as stated, gin and tonic, and i wonder how much that has to do with it? i know for certain that my body’s response to alcohol has changed in some disturbing ways in the last couple of years; i also know for certain that beer makes me feel terrible the next day in ways that other spirits do not. now i am highly suspicious of wine, which is what i was drinking sunday night. (and for the record– we’re talking about small amounts here. 2 glasses of wine with dinner, or two beers…)

at any rate, for whatever reason, i am in a much better mood today and very pleased to report that the scale showed a loss this morning… i’m now below a plateau that i’d been hovering at for… like almost a year or something.

i went to the dentist today, which while not enjoyable, is relatively painless and totally worth it. once again i contemplated getting braces. i went through a lot of orthodontics when i was younger, including having my upper palate split (didn’t hurt, just felt weird) and having jaw surgery after which my mouth was wired shut for six weeks and i was unable to talk at all. my wisdom teeth came in while i was in college and pushed everything back out of alignment before i could make it to my dentist. so for a few years i had that beautiful smile that you see me flashing in my senior prom picture, then went back to having buck teeth again. if only because my mom and i went through so much, i’d like my teeth to be straight again. my dentist also says it makes a huge difference as you get older in how well your teeth survive.

i’m off to the apple store after work, yet again… hopefully i’ll be wresting a working powerbook out of their sweaty little genius palms without too much of a wait, then off home to feed cats, self, and prepare for radio show.