oi, the week

last week was kinda stressful; there’s Stuff going on at work that makes me feel insecure, a woman i knew from “Roswell”:http://allpodsgotoroswell.net/ passed away, and although i’m not as worried as i was about Mo, i don’t like for my kitty to be sick.

i was also feeling super frustrated and stuck on the two big non-house, non-work projects: the wxdu web site, and the van. so i mapped out a schedule for the whole week that included evenings spent on each of those projects. and although i didn’t used to be a schedule person, i guess i am now, to some degree, because i stuck with the schedule and i feel a tiny bit better about each project.

this weekend the fellas visited. by friday night i was exhausted, like order a pizza and watch tv and not so much as put a load of laundry in exhausted. since he’s usually hungry when he arrives, i usually have a pot of soup or something going around the time he gets here, but not this weekend. my brain was incapable of coming up with something, and my body incapable of executing it.

so i took him out to q shack instead. that went over pretty well.

we took the puppy for a walk first, i figure after four hours in the car everyone needs to stretch their legs (in the freezing cold drizzle, yum). we encountered not one but _two_ escaped dogs, one dauchshaund and one female dog of indeterminate breed who desperatedly wanted reese the puppy to play with her.

this weekend he brought me a coping saw, and although many women might not enjoy gifts of tools, i do. i am very pleased with the new gift. i also now have a switch plate over the lightswitch in my bathroom. the coping saw was so that a plate could be trimmed to fit.

on sunday, i took him to loco pops. imagine being introduced to q shack and loco pops, all in one weekend.

he likes museums, so i think next time we’ll go to Natural Science and then char-grill. he hasn’t been to char-grill yet.