OLD skool

i hesitate to say much about how i came by my old broadcast turntable.

In the context of the desk

suffice to say, it was a very kind gift. i don’t want the person who gave it to me to get in trouble with his boss.

finally it is mounted in my desk, so i can actually use it. J and I did this this weekend. it’s part of my grand plan for the back bedroom.

QRK broadcast turntable

the grand plan involves obtaining an “ART USB Phono Plus v2 USB Phono Preamp”:http://amazon.com/gp/product/B000BBGCCI/ that will translate the glorious analog of the turntable into zeros and ones that can be fed into my computer.

Top view, no turntable

sweet, ain’t it? i don’t have any pictures with the turntable mounted in it, which is too bad. the turntable itself is a big solid piece of what looks to be cast aluminum.

i’ll be so very pleased when it’s all set up and working.