all the stuff i’ve had to do this week has kinda been weighing on my mind, but yesterday i made One Big List, which has allowed me to stop obsessing over the details of what’s on that list, and I also met with the other “NBeast”: folks and we decided what all of our pricing is, which is the thing that we really needed to do.

so this morning i woke up early feeling rested and great, knocked a few things off that list, and now i’m at work and finally thinking, _ohmigod! new york! i’m going to new york! my favorite city!_

it’s been ten years at least, maybe more since i’ve been… and i think the experience of going with my 30-something girlfriends will be both completely different from the hipster indie rock days of yore experiences i had in the 90’s, and also completely fun, too.

we will be staying eight blocks away from the fluevog store.