on the up side

i’m still bummed about the spacepod situation, and i had a fairly aggravating day in regards to Durham Central Park, the booking of, a matter which I thought was long since laid to rest. Not so; applications must be made to two more entities, a fact I was told this morning by the Park person, and it turns out one of those applications is already late.

so i made nice with the lady who will process it, and then i made nice with someone who must sign the form, and got the form signed right in the saint nick of time (he leaves the country later this week).

it was irritating, but the thing is that people in durham are just cool about things. it’s a laid back place. it makes everything much easier.

then this evening i was at Large Red Concentric Circle Store and walking out of the store ahead of me was a young woman in a burkha. I saw oversized white trainers peek out from under her dramatic garment, and then she began to _glide!_ i realized she was wearing those shoes that have wheels in them. combined with the burkha, the effect was quite stunning. it was as if Spike Lee had directed Dune.

And I thought that I love Durham, I love the people.