one of THOSE days

nearly walked out of the house with my shirt on inside out i was so tired, could not wake up. caffiene at work revived me, but i crashed again later and sleepwalked through the afternoon. somewhere in the morning i got a mail from a friend asking me to adjust the thermostat

[ holycrap i think my neighbor just spanked his daughter for being outside in bare feet and pajamas ]

when i went to feed the cats. i’m feeding your cats? was my response. hm, i missed something. ok.

went to the apple store at lunch hoping to just drop off the ailing powerbook and come back for it later, which is what i did, but only after much waiting, and me getting kind of snippy with the staff over the wait. honest, i am very nice and patient usually… but it was my third visit to the store with a dead powerbook.

spent a good hour in charles’ office bitching to him, as always he lent an understanding and sympathetic ear. left, then promptly crashed. maybe bitching makes me sleepy.

ran back to apple store right after work; waited an hour while they work on my machine. i am sure they hadn’t touched my machine all afternoon meaning that my lunch run was a waste.

i note a man sitting at the genius bar who i realize, slowly, that i recognize from the personals. this is getting ridiculous, i think. and then i think, maybe it’s time to give up on the personals. i reflect on my ratio of happy results to unhappy results and realize that it’s pretty bad. maybe it’s insanity to keep trying.

finally after i am dying of hunger genius boy zach comes out of the back to say that i have a dead logic board. or, well, the airport port on the logic board is dead. we arrange that he’ll replace it and i’ll come get it tomorrow. i straggle home annoyed and exhausted. on the way out of the mall parking lot, i am stuck behind a car driving slowly yet erratically, with a large bumper sticker on the back that says…

WARNING!!! exposure to the _son_ may prevent _burning!_

ok, fine. just learn how to drive, please.

whilst trying to safely traverse the dead stoplights on duke street, oh so close to home, i am confronted with a truck bearing a similar WARNING!!!

once home, my advance food preparation completely saves my ass and i’ve got a proper dinner coming out of the microwave in under five minutes. after eating, i drag myself out to the cats that need feeding, and once home, i sit down, exhausted, and cry a little. my exhaustion cry. i think, “maybe i am getting my period soon…” and note that i’ve got 30 minutes to finish crying and clear some seating in the living room before friends come over.

now it is an hour later, no one is here, but the seating is clear, i am long since finished with my silly tears, dinner has suffused my body with contentment and i suppose the gin and tonic i am sipping is not hurting either. kitty is plastered to my side. it is nice to just sit and wait for friends.