operation OMG, my family is coming over!

absorbing cartons of photos and memorabilia into my household is one thing; absorbing pieces of furniture (plus extra cartons) is another. it means large items need to leave the house.

it also turns out that my family– including some extended family who never see my house– are going to be coming by on mother’s day.

no time to waste.

big stacks of stuff in the living room. everything is either slated for goodwill or already listed on ebay or the bulletin board at work. all the stuff i’d pulled out of the back bedroom but never got rid of is now going. everything, as they say, must go.

the decisions get harder and easier. easier because i’m used to making them. harder because the stuff i’m deciding on is nearer and dearer to my heart. like, if only i had fixed that shortwave radio. it’s so cool. but i had it for ten years and never did. my grandfather’s cameras, so well cared for.

but, you know, it’s just stuff. it’s gotta go.