paint and repairs

it’s definitely time for some paint work:

Definitely time for paint

on one part of the house, the painter also found some rot. he’s also a carpenter so on his recommendation, i asked him to take out the rot and repair the damage.

it started with just the corners and the top…

rot removed

and then he realized that the brick veneer wasn’t attached, it was just kind of balancing on the foundation and lightly held in place by the rotting siding that had been removed.

so i gave the go-ahead to take off the brick.

let's take the brick off too.

which is going to allow him to access all the water damaged structural areas:

water damage

water damage

it looks like bad flashing around the chimney allowed water to move along the chimney and soak the wood repeatedly. i think a bad gutter was also to blame – it soaked the ground, water moved up through the masonry and soaked the wood at the bottom.

the flashing has been fixed – in fact the rotted out wood was all dry despite a good rain the day before – and the gutters will be replaced.

i’ll also be getting rid of the obnoxious herringbone brick veneer, which never looked right.