paint tired

i guess i worked for about five hours on the massive painting project. between the room itself and all the furniture i’m painting to go in it, i think i’m maybe a third of the way through what i need to do. i suspected it would take longer than the weekend and now i’m sure it will. that’s fine; i’ll get the bulk of it done this weekend and that will motivate me to finish it completely.

moses seems to have bounced back after his bad morning yesterday. he was being really cute and wanting to wrestle and stuff this afternoon, which always makes me feel reassured that he’s feeling okay. he got me pretty good a couple of times, too. i figure he can’t be feeling that bad if he can still move that fast.

anyway, now i’m really tired. i got all cleaned up (i have to admit, i took a shower that lasted more than four minutes. does that mean i don’t get to shower tomorrow?) and i think i’m going to get some chinese takeout and relax with one of the netflixen that have been languishing in my living room for some weeks now.

tomorrow the ladder work begins. ugh.