painting at sarah & georg’s house

yesterday i helped georg and sarah paint their living room. they’ve done a tremendous amount of work in this room; they had to remove fake wood panelleing, then use a heat gun to remove the glue that held the panelling to the wall. after that they had to repair the original plaster walls extensively with plastering tape and plaster, which then had to be sanded and primed.

however, underneath the hideous 1960’s renovation was lurking an adorable early 40’s cottage. i got to come in for the final stage– painting– which is the easiest and most rewarding part of the project. it’s the part where the people who have been living with the ugliness for so long that they almost no longer see it finally get to see their house the way it’s _supposed_ to look, and i get to see the “oh WOW!” looks on their faces when we’re done. that’s my favorite part.

the room does look adorable now. sarah chose a pale golden beige color with white trim. there’s a repair that needs to be made to the ceiling before it can be painted; i suggested that she try painting the ceiling the wall color since that might make it seem higher. they took down some bad brown plastic crown molding and don’t plan to replace it since it makes the ceiling seem lower.

after we finished, we went out to sushi-thai for dinner, which was excellent. georg let us try some of his duck; i’ve never had duck before. it was yummy, but very rich– i’m not sure i could eat a whole plate of it.