painting day one

today and tomorrow i am painting my kitchen and dining area. i’ve done almost everything i had planned to do in preparation, except for washing the walls with TSP. the furniture and appliances are all moved around, the paint and supplies are bought, and i even woke up and got breakfast right on time.

my plan is to work from 10am until dinner time tonight, and then again tomorrow. i’ve got some helper elves coming over tomorrow to help carry me through the second day, which will be great. i am sure i’ll need a boost right around then.

the kitchen is going to be a deeper yellow with bright white cabinets and trim; the dining area is going to be a sort of coffee with cream color. i’m really attracted to the idea of a very fresh green in the kitchen, but because the floor is a deep green, green walls would be way too much green.

this will get rid of the last of the very pale yellow that the previous owner painted everywhere in the house. now that the kitchen is much better lit, and has more white appliances in it, it’s clear to me that it needs a deeper color so it doesn’t look so stark.

in the dining area i’ve got such strong color on the table and chairs that a neutral seemed in order. i want that room to feel a lot closer and warmer.

of course, i had to pack up all the crazy salt and pepper shakers that were sitting on shelves in the dining area. i’ll be ditching those shelves since they don’t fit in with the room, and i’m thinking now of putting in a series of smaller shelves that spread the collection across the whole wall and make it easier to see. the room is too small to put any kind of storage furniture on the one blank wall, so i might as well use it for decoration. and maybe making that wall more detailed will cut down on the echo-ey-ness of the room.