peace, green power & art

Peace meeting, Mon Feb 3, 6:30. i didn’t go, but felt the need to log that this happened.

i would like to reach a point in my life where i can find out about something the day it’s happening, and have it not be a problem to make it. i’m not sure how much of this is the practical reality of my life (work schedule, commute, etc) and how much is my personality (the older i get, the less flexible i am about being willing to go to last minute things).

however, here is something that i have no excuse but to attend. i mean, really. a week’s notice for something i should do anyway, plus a presentation on solar power:

OND potluck, Mon Feb 10, 6:30pm

turns out i had the date quite wrong on the ms. film fest. it’s next weekend. there are workshops early in the day, and then the films start at 8pm. i was set straight on all this by an announcement on xdu!

also, sort of via xdu:

“Blackstrap will be opening for Roxotica at Ringside on this Saturday, Feb.


This is also the after-party for the Ms. Film Fest. ??Maybe?? Still ain’t

“official” but, oh hell, what else is there to do in downtown Durham.! Go to the film fest regardless!


hope to see you there!”