“please tell me how to feel.”

bq. “Dear lisa,

bq. My name is marc. I am 18 and have recently bought a new vw bug. Unfortunately I have a slight problem. A female friend of mine told me it was a “girly” car. I on the other hand have been a fan of the old vw bug since I was a little kid – my past nostalgia influencing my current choice. Eh, unfortunately I can’t help but still feel a little self-conscious. So I ask you… do you find the new VW Bug a feminine car? How should I feel? What reactions do men typically receive when driving a new VW Bug?

bq. Also… are you asian? I see you like godspeed you black emperor. They rock. I like your website and the whole roswell premise. I am quite the fan of aliens.

bq. Thank you.”

if you google my first and last name, you will mostly find hits for an asian porn star. poor guy. he thinks he’s found a godspeed-loving asian porn star who makes web sites about vw bugs in her spare time. and wants her to tell him how to feel.

i’m tempted to write back and say, “asian porn stars prefer men who are secure enough in their masculinity to not care if people think they are driving a chick car.” but i probably won’t write back at all.

besides, my sympathy is limited for any 18 year old who has a new car.