i dreamt last night that i was late for my radio show. i’d simply lost track of time. it was 9, and i was supposed to go on at 8. jeff herrick was on, apparently covering for me, but i thought i had better get up to the station quickly.

for some reason, i decided to walk. i had just moved, so i didn’t know the area well. i was in downtown raleigh, on a major road, but in a really shitty neighborhood. i was lost. i finally asked a couple of girls, but they were not really any help. then i spotted a small group of police, a few of which were mounted on horses. i think i had a conversation with someone about how i knew that police mounted on horses would help me, because they were mounted on horses.

they agreed to help me. i thought they’d call a car, but instead they took me to the local animal shelter. it turned out that they were animal shelter officers.

i decided to adopt two dogs. i realized i wasn’t thinking carefully about my ability to care for dogs, just that i liked the dogs and wanted to take them home. they had everything there i needed, crates, leashes and collars, everything. they packed the dogs up into a backpack for me so it would be easier for me to carry them.

i think it was somewhere in that dream that i spotted a remake of “the old citroen 2cv.”:http://www.citroen-2cv.org.uk/images/bam350.jpg it was very similar to the new beetle, but the roof was shaped differently, and the windows were the color of the body of the car. i saw a red one and a yellow one. i waved at one from my beetle and he waved back, because our cars were so similar.

_then moseman woke me up because he was hungry_

i had another dream. i’ve lost most of it, but i recall being taken through a building with many rooms and staircases, all panelled in handsome, dark wood. it was a very natural place. then a young woman who was an office worker in a brightly lit office took us down one particular staircase outside her office to the jungle.

in the jungle, we followed a path to where the natives were. we could do something with these quills that had a bit of feather only at the end, and which had been dipped in something that i later decided was the scent mark of their tribe, but we had to pay some money. there was a feeling of threat in the air, but nothing bad happened.

i didn’t have any money on me so i didn’t take a quill. back out of the jungle and in the building, i talked to jacob. he thought it would really be better if i had a quill, as he did. he had some money so he lent it to me and i tried to go back for a quill.

i got lost in the many rooms and confusing staircases, but eventually ran across the young woman. i tried to convince her to take me back to the staircase that would lead to the jungle, but she was dubious that the quill offer would still stand. the natives were unpredictable and might hurt me if i went back.