queen bee is rockin’!

“queen bee!”:http://www.buyolympia.com/queenbee/sid=566932947/

i have a great queen bee handbag and wallet that i get compliments on all the time. i’ve also found that having a somewhat hip and edgy bag that is mostly silver vinyl is also very useful wardrobe-wise.

well, the bag is starting to wear out a little– one of the handles is starting to separate from the body. i keep thinking about buying another queen bee bag, but up until now i haven’t found the new designs and color combos compelling enough to make the high price tag worth it.

now yes, the prices are high, but hell if i’m going to put $70 into my wardrobe, i’d just as soon that money go to a bunch of creative people making cool bags in portland, especially given that i know that $70 is going to last me many years.

anyway, now they have _so_ many cute things i will have to choose carefully! i looove the “silver 45rpm bag”:http://www.buyolympia.com/queenbeehtml/images/45Bag2_lg.jpg but the handle is really too short… i need to be able to put my bag over my shoulder usually.

i could go with the “blue stylus trucker bag”:http://www.buyolympia.com/queenbeehtml/images/stylus_trucker_blue_lg.jpg but that would be a very large bag– bigger than my silver bag. and i have to admit that i find the record truckette a little awkward looking.

the “blue and white cloud clutch”:http://www.buyolympia.com/queenbeehtml/images/cloudclutch_white_lg.jpg is superadorable, though obviously not a day to day bag.

and the list goes on.

oh, one reader of this blog needs “the cupcake coin purse.”:http://www.buyolympia.com/queenbeehtml/images/coin_cupcake_lg.jpg i think she knows who she is!