three yes count them three queer as folk dvd’s arrived in my box this morning which dovetailed nicely with a sudden desire to be all lethargic and stuff.

you know, i know it seems like i keep busy and get a lot done, but wow do i spend a hell of a lot time watching tv. sometimes, it just feels deadly. and so, some words to live by, from my favorite new tv show…

lindsey: _do you know what’s funny? i really wanted to get back into the world and prove myself. and now all i want to do is be home with gus, changing his diaper._

emmett: _same with me and ted. except for the diaper thing._

lindsey: _in fact, i can’t understand why people would ever want to leave their house._

emmett: _when it’s so much safer just to close the door._

lindsey: _but if you close the door, nothing will ever happen will it?_

emmett: _well you just sit there in your safe little room for the rest of your life, wondering what might have been._