radio, radio

it’s funny, i sort of dread doing my radio show, despite enjoying the hell out of it whenever i’m actually on the air. last night was mostly fun. it turns out that i’m a total sucker for ethiopian music, but then, anyone who listens to my show regularly had probably figured that out. i figure no one listens regularly so i can get away with indulging myself to some degree. that, and i’m probably one of maybe three people who are likely to play ethiopian music during their show.

so indeed, i broke out the soundtrack to ‘broken flowers’, which is on playlist right now, fully intending to _not_ play one of the ethiopian pieces, and dutifully scanned through many songs, and played “yegelle tezeta” anyway.

i played the new eno, too. those who get the reference in my blog name may have guessed that i’m an eno fan. however, at this point i’m more a fan of the man himself than his current work. happily, this new release is not strictly ambient and the track i played was actually really nice.

things fell apart in the last twenty minutes, as they usually do after josh arrives. i like josh a lot and i’ve rarely come on the air before a more entertaining (and reliable) person, but he can’t help but be distracting, and the end of my show is the time when i’m struggling to hold it together anyway. he was nice and tried to help me locate my one request of the evening (a request that helped me understand why i never much took to the grifters.. ugh), but by the time his annoying young companion had arrived and started pounding me with questions about how my show works, i was pretty cranky and probably wasn’t super nice to her. i don’t think she noticed.

i did receive one fairly entertaining phone call from a man who demanded to know, “is that sid?” after playing a little game of “who’s on first”, we determined that he thought that a song i played sounded like syd barrett. and the beatles. i was left wondering how an xdu listener could have such a narrow range of reference.