radioactive kitty

this afternoon, my vet called to give me some test results for moses. he has “hyperthyroid.”:

it’s serious, but there is very good treatment available in our area, and we’ve caught it early.

that’s not to say i didn’t spend the afternoon in my office with the door shut and the kleenex box next to me, wishing desperately to go home and hug him.

the treatment is expensive, and a little scary– i definitely have a few more questions for my vet– but almost magical in the way it works, from what i have read. they give a single injection of a radioactive isotope at a special treatment center. the isotope is absorbed only by the “bad” thyroid cells, no matter where they are in the body, and it kills only those cells. the healthy thyroid cells are unharmed and eventually regenerate. a single treatement cures most cases.

the side effect is that my cat will actually be radioactive.

he has to stay in the treatment center, which is set up to handle radioactive material (and cats), for several days. i won’t be able to visit him during this time.

the big question i have right now is, of course: won’t my cat get cancer from this?? secondary questions like, “will he glow?” i suppose i can save for later.

anyway, i do find this upsetting, although as my vet said, if he’s going to have a problem at this stage, this is the problem to have. and i’m very glad that i’m at a stage in my life where i can provide an expensive treatement for him without it being a real problem.

anyway. go moseman go.