reclaiming the long neglected

the weather was perfect today and for once, i made good use of the daylight hours. the yard got many hours of attention and i even gave the spacepod a bit of a wash– just enough to get the first layer of dirt off.

the side yard by the kitchen got a lot of attention today. this is a functional area that the previous owner of my house never worked on, so it’s not in the kind of condition it should be. i think for the first year or so that i lived here i didn’t realize there is a concrete pad next to the stoop, because it was buried in dirt, leaves, and ivy. today i removed all of that with a rake, shovel, and broom. nice. i cleared all the yard debris out of the whole side yard area and cut back the trees that grow in from my neighbor’s yard.

while taking a break, sitting on the stoop, i contemplated this area. with all the debris cleared away, i suddenly saw that if i get rid of the rotting firewood pile, i’ll have a really nice little niche where i could put a tool shed and a compost bin. that would be sweet.

after all my work, i now have a huge pile of brush from all the trimming and pruning that i’ve done. there’s a huge log that came down in the back yard, and of course the horrible firewood that’s too damp to burn. i started thinking that maybe i should try renting a chipper-shredder. i could probably get the city to come pick up all this stuff, but i’d rather keep the nutrients in the yard. i bet shredded wood would be good for the soil.

giving spacepod a quick wash at sam’s on a saturday afternoon when people are just about waiting in line to get a wash stall was like giving the aegean stables a sponge bath. let’s just say he’s not exactly show car clean. i was dismayed to see bubbling and peeling paint on his front fender. i think that was where a rushed body shop job may have occured. at least it’s plastic so it won’t rust.

now my foot kinda hurts from all the exertion, but i’m hoping i’ll still be up for doing lots of van sanding tomorrow. it’s supposed to be a little rainy and that seems like a good rainy day activity.