renewed respect

i’ve always admired the interior of the beetle. the design is harmonious, pleasing, and largely circular. i sometimes think i get the best view of the car while driving it.

i spent an hour cleaning spacepod’s interior today. i’ve removed a lot of the surface mold and dirt. it’s startling how easily it comes off of all the surfaces. most require a simple wipe down with a spray of simple green and a microfiber towel. in fact, i suspect it would have come off the cloth upholstery with no more than that, although i did spray that down with carpet cleaner and brush with a clean scrub brush.

i removed the leather steering wheel cover that I added a several years ago. mold was growing on its underside. once i’d removed it, the steering wheel wiped down clean with little effort. the cover itself is ruined, i think, with the strange yellow mold.

i am nowhere near done, of course, but it’s good that i’ve made some progress.

i met with the nbeast folks tonight. i think i have more work to do to get my cars ready for the show than i do to get the show ready.