rich creamery butter

the color mary selected is called “melted butter”.

today we had a focus group to talk about the intranet at work. for almost ten years now i have worked on the intranet and we’ve never had a focus group before. it just never occured to us to gather user input in that way.

it was really cool– i sat in the room as the “subject matter expert”. but wow did it screw up my day. i thought i’d get a chance to eat a proper lunch and run to the post office at 2 when it ended, but that didn’t happen. i got to run out for food at around 4, and then i got caught in the hall by people wanting to discuss the focus group and i didn’t actually eat until 5. i was loopy and tired and stressed and just felt bad, not a big shocker after skipping lunch.

on the way home from work i got a quart of Melted Butter and some sanding supplies, and laid into the kitchen again when i got home. not having a functioning kitchen is becoming a real problem. as i write this i’m now ravenously hungry at the inconvenient hour of 9pm when i imagine most of the places i’d want to eat are closed.

so anyway, the new color definitely looks better than the old yellow but i hesitate to commit to it without seeing it in daylight. but i desperately want to finish this project tomorrow night, put my kitchen back in order and then prepare for thanksgiving.

we’ve got another focus group tomorrow.