safe surfing

just home from J’s. i’ve avoided my livejournal friends list since friday afternoon, as well as all news outlets, and most other web sites. J isn’t into reading harry potter, and i wasn’t going to go up there to visit then spend many hours in a potter reading coma, so spoiler-avoidage was extremely important (and difficult). he said the spoilers were splashed all over slashdot by saturday.

i finally decided that it was so important to me to be able to read the book in one long sitting, without being exposed to any conversation about it _at all,_ that i’m taking monday off to read it. which is kind of embarrassing, but i’ll enjoy it immensely, so who cares?

the moses had a fine time at J’s house this weekend, i think he’s starting to adjust to being there. he’s allowed on the bed some which he really loves. J is very tolerant and understanding of the elderly cat logistics, which i really appreciate.

today we took the puppy for a walk on the seawall at Ft. Monroe, and saw an unmarked submarine coming in to port. a very unusual sight; the massive container ships that we always see are impressive enough, but a matte charcoal gray turret gliding along the sea is even more so when you know what is lurking underneath, and what the thing can do.

i asked J if he’d be interested in going to London via sea, rather than air, one day, and he said he’d be all over that. so who knows? maybe there’s a journey on the QE2 in our future.

we also visited the blue star diner, and i’ll post photos shortly. this is an old diner of the aluminum-clad, neon-googie-sign variety that was owned an operated continuously by one woman for decades. J went there one time while it was under her ownership and told me that every surface inside was caked with grease and dirt. he also witnessed the owner stirring a pot and coughing over it. disguisting; how the health department never shut her down is a mystery.

well, it did catch up with her eventually. not long after J and i started dating, the blue star caught fire and was shut down.

several months ago we noticed some work going on at the blue star (which, i should mention, is quite close to J’s house). it re-opened under new ownership about two months ago. we decided to give it a try today and were happily surprised with the result.

all of the original surfaces were intact and cleaned thoroughly. as much as possible the original parts of the building have been retained. apparently the coating of grease provided some kind of protective barrier against age because it all looked pretty good.

business was slow when we went, but it was an odd time on a sunday. the food was okay, not terrific, but not so bad as to prevent us from going back for breakfast some time. we agreed that it is best to stick with things that are made on the grill because those turned out better– my grilled cheese with ham was much better than J’s open face turkey sandwich.

the thing that surprised me was the lack of desserts! the meals all come with dessert, but all they were offering today was rice pudding and cherry jello. i asked if they ever have pie, and she said they did in the beginning but could never sell any because the meals all come with dessert.

the solution to that seems obvious to me but… you know. anyway, we talked with our waitress for a good while. she worked there thirty years ago and just recently came back. she said that she cleans every surface twice a day because she remembers what it was like before and doesn’t want it to backslide. she said the new owners seem to be pretty fastidious people as well.

anyways. a tasty weekend.