saturday ffffzzzzzzzzzttttttttt.

i’ve decided– in part because of the kind of tires i have on my car right now– to be a total wuss about any threat of ice on the roads. (i remember once being told by a family friend, “even YANKEES don’t drive on ice.”) so the last two saturdays have been largely wiped out by the threat-of-ice. the previous saturday saw me stuck at home for a totally different reason. this is getting old. a girl needs stimulation or she’ll have nothing interesting to write about.

unfortunate navelgazing could ensue.

so last night i made a brief appearance at ooh la latte, which was completely out of character. (me? leave the house? on a friday night?) i actually managed to meet “joe’s”: friend “henry,”: which was also out of character. (me? meet? a person?) but i quickly reverted to form, and left before the second band was over.

this morning, i met a couple of friends at fowlers and helped them figure out what configuration of powerbook to buy. apparently the staff at the apple store was not helpful when they visited. just as well since the model they decided on was available refurbished for $300 less than a new one– the price of an iPod mini, as one of them pointed out. which they also bought.

the rest of my day was so boring that i can’t even think about it.