“Save Our Starlite Foundation”

reprinted completely without permission from the Herald-Sun, since this is the only way I can keep this information around for more than a few days.

bq. “A Sunday fire may have destroyed the movie screen at the Starlite Drive-in. But a group of Avon representatives are doing what they can to raise it from the ashes.

bq. The screen was destroyed when the exhaust of a riding lawn mower ignited materials in a shed at the base of the screen Sunday afternoon.

bq. “We want to get this back up and running so everyone can have it the way it was or better,” said Carla Strawser, an Avon representative. “Hopefully, insurance will cover it when it gets up to standards.”

bq. The representatives will begin contacting local businesses about a fund-raising drive this week, Strawser said. All profits from Avon sales will go into the drive-in fund. Tax-deductible donations also may be made to the Save Our Starlite Foundation at any Triangle branch of RBC Centura Bank, Strawser said.

bq. She asks that anyone seeking information about donations call her at 451-2525. ”