i react better now to being scheduled than i used to in my 20’s. i’m not sure what changed, but for some reason i do handle it better. i’ve been fairly scheduled lately, and so far so good.

jason and i had a radio station workday today that was quite productive. since i do work well with deadlines, i volunteered a fairly agressive one for getting a new web site ready and deployable. i’m sick of that project dragging on, as is everyone else. i’m ready to get the fucker _done._

it dawned on me this morning that i had not been home during daylight for two weeks, at least not long enough to even consider raking leaves. my front yard looks like a solid leaf blanket, and i don’t know what the back yard looks like. i should spend the next hour and 20 minutes left of daylight out there raking, but i’m not going to. i just got home and i don’t feel like it. and i can do it tomorrow. and on monday, i swear i will call TROSA and hire them to do basic yard maintenance.

in fact, there’s a long list of things i need to do today before i go to the WXDU benefit show. funny how “eat loco-pops and watch an x-files re-run” keeps popping up to the top.