shoe boy, shoe girl

this evening, sarah met me at the untidy museum to give me her opinion on those black lace up boots that i’ve been eyeing (ok, coveting) for like two years now.

i got there first, and wandered through the store. drawn, as always, to the vintage shoe section– the one place in the store where i know i can always find my size– i picked up a pair of very cute pink heels and then noticed that there was someone else in the section with me, a little ways away.

yep. hat wearing coffee shop boy. trying on a pair of shoes.

i felt embarassed. don’t ask me to explain that, but i felt self-conscious about trying on those boots anyway, and i didn’t want to have an audience. i put the pink shoes down quickly and walked away to the back of the store. you know, to hide.

the pink haired girl who works there– well, one of them– asked if she could help me so i asked her if she could find my size in the boots. amazingly, they did have them, and she flounced up the length of the store to the sofa in the front, which is actually a pretty cozy little place to try on shoes.

so i put the first one on, and sure enough, the calves were too small. i guess that’s just the way fluevog makes them– but i just don’t know if i can go through the stretching ordeal again with another pair. and even though they are discounted, i don’t need to spend my money on boots. i have boots. i should wear the boots i have.

sarah got there just as i’d taken off the one boot. the girl brought me another style that looked to have wider calves, and as i was trying those on, hat boy walked by me and we looked at each other and he gave me a little smile.

those boots didn’t fit, either, of course.


today i received correspondence from two somewhat promising personals boys, who i suppose i can refer to as scooter boy and supercute geeky boy.


my “horoscope”: for this week says:

bq. “They say it’s best for you to play the field, enjoy the company of whomever you want to spend time with, make no promises, and use protection and breath mints.”