shoe club

as some of you know, over the years i’ve collected many pairs of interesting and colorful shoes. a disproportionate number of them are “fluevogs;”: “borns”: are popular, too.

the borns, the converse, they get worn a lot. they’re easy to wear. but the really special ones don’t often make it out of the closet, and that’s just a shame.

since i returned from chicago with three new pairs of fluevogs, i decided that this should change. i’ve been wearing my awesome shoes almost every day, and my female co-workers have started to notice.

for many, many years my entire work group was comprised of men, except for my manager, and she wasn’t really into fashion. things have changed in the last couple of years, and i feel that i’m not awash in a sea of agressively casual fashion any longer. there are women i work with every day who wear things other than jeans. there are even a few men who wear things other than jeans and t-shirts, but not many.

so today, i wore the “pink nuns”: and while i was sitting in the lab co-worker b. walked by and spotted them and said, “and the cool shoes just KEEP ON COMING!!” she grabbed co-worker a. as she passed in the hall and said, “didja see these??” then co-worker l. came out of her office and said, “are you talking about shoes?”

i kind of enjoyed the attention at first but then it started to freak me out a little. i used to be the pink haired girl at the company and i was self-conscious but i loved my pink hair and it was fun for a while. mostly now though i don’t want to stand out like that.

but, i’m not going to let my shoes moulder in a closet. i’m going to push through the self-consciousness and keep wearing them.

the first rule of shoe club is, you wear the damn shoes.

the second rule of shoe club is, you WEAR THE DAMN SHOES.