*aka, “so much for THAT plan”*

i’ve been waiting to blog about this until i got the answer from work. i didn’t think the answer was going to be _no._


so back in thanksgiving j suggested a plan to move things forward: that i come live with him for some period of time, and work remotely. we agree that my job is too good to give up. and there’s no way he can work remotely. but there are four remote workers in my department, two of whom originally worked in NC and got permission to relocate and keep their jobs, so I figured I could get permission to work remotely, too.

with my new manager (a good friend and former co-worker) we concocted the proposal: one year, and i would spend a week a month in the NC office. i wouldn’t ask for travel expenses. i made the deal as sweet as i could for them in the hopes of making approval easy.

it would be enough time for J and i to see if living together will work, and would give us a chance to put by some money for a better house in NC.

so anyway, today the answer came down from the VP of my division: no. no more remote workers in our division. in fact, a lot of remote workers in other groups are being recalled.

so yeah.

so much for that plan.

there are other, much less appealing possibilities being batted about, none of which really help as much as a year together would. there is no real “plan b” in this case.