snow paralysis

so our area is experiencing various levels of snow paralysis, which is what happens shortly after FWDFA when it turns out that it wasn’t just theater, but an actual weather event of some note. to us.

this means that everyone’s neighborhood is a sheet of ice, but larger roads are varying levels of passable. “perhaps not as passable as some may like to think,”: but passable enough for a lot of businesses to be open.

yesterday it was more crispy snow than clear, so we walked (trudged?) up to Piedmont for breakfast. we had it to ourselves, a rare treat on a sunday morning. i got one of my favorite seats in the house – up in the loft, with a direct view of the kitchen. i watched them take my home fries up from the fryolator, drain them and toss them in a bowl for seasoning.

the dog still needed walking after that, so we went on two trudges yesterday – it’s really rather tiring to negotiate snow. i had forgotten.

today my company was open at 11am, but our street was still an ice slick at 10am so i decided not to try it. most of my team worked from home as well. we’re fortunate to have that option. i was quite ready to go somewhere without trudging, though, so in the afternoon when things had turned to slush J and i went out for lunch. as expected, it’s mainly the smaller roads that are problematic.

during this evening’s trudge – which was much less trudge-ey – we encountered some bits of sidewalk that were completely clear. i commented that, as much as we complain about the state of the sidewalks in durham, they are clear of snow most of the time, and after all the trudging one can appreciate even heaved concrete and sidewalks obscured by debris and puddles.