so that was a busy day

today we

looked at my christmas present, which is now ready. it’s *beautiful* and perfect. it’s furniture.

drove out to my company for a special walk – through the woods behind my building, where i discovered recently you can get a pretty good view of the solar farm if you make it up this one really steep hill. it’s such a nice place to walk. i really consider the campus to be one of the side benefits of working there.

drove around and looked at some neighborhoods i’ve recently become intrigued with, and saw some incredible houses.

had sandwiches at parker & otis.

inspired by reading “vintage vivant”: i bid on an inexpensive vintage silk slip on ebay.

cleared a lot of residual clutter that’s been hanging out in the bedroom for the last year and moved furniture around to accommodate my birthday present. this feels like a big accomplishment to me after having this stuff sitting there in my way and bugging me for so long.

one category of stuff i had to deal with in the bedroom is costume jewelry from one of my grandmothers. i realized a few things; first, that any clutter tendencies i have, i come by honestly. she had a LOT of jewelry. second, frankly some of it was just crap – broken, earrings without mates, cheap bits of plastic, findings that are showing signs of corrosion.

i found i was able to sort through it fairly dispassionately. i threw away the things that were no longer usable. most of it i will offer to a friend who makes jewelry to see if she can harvest from or remix any of it. anything she doesn’t want i’ll give to goodwill.

i’m still left with a pretty impressive collection. much of it is clip on or screw on earrings, which i won’t wear. i’m hoping to convert some over to pierced earrings and some to brooches.

after getting the bedroom ready for the new furniture we went to WFM for a few things then made dinner.

now i’m super tired. whew.