something beautiful for the VW fans

via “boingboing.”:

“Photos of VW’s transparent factory in Dresden.”:

This factory is where VW’s high-end sedan (saloon?), the Phaeton, is made. I’m not a fan of VW’s large, fuel-gobbling vehicles, and unless things take an unexpected turn, the Phaeton will never be something I can afford, anyway. But that’s not the point.

The factory is the star here, not the car. If you’re a VW enthusiast, an engineer of any sort, or have an interest in human factors, this place will sing to you.

I would love to see the human factors research that went into this place. There’s one photo that is very telling– where a platform raises to support the car at a comfortable working height, rather than the car being lowered to the floor. You never see a assembly worker bending or crouching or otherwise assuming an uncomfortable working position (although since these photos are courtesy of VW’s media department, they don’t show us everything). Just the fact that the place is so beautiful and so clean shows respect for the workers.

I would love to see this place in person some day…