something like hoisin

i made salad rolls tonight, which i have done many times before. usually i use hoisin sauce from a jar, but although it tastes good, i’ve always thought it probably had a ton of corn syrup in it, and didn’t feel very good about using it. so tonight, i decided to make something similar with better quality ingredients. although i’m sure there are recipes for homemade hoisin on the ‘net, i didn’t bother to look them up, since i was more interested in concocting something to my liking than being true to the flavor of hoisin.

so here’s what i used:

* natural peanut butter and honey, melted together in the microwave for 30 sec.

* brown rice vinegar

* toasted sesame oil

* a pinch of sea salt (probably could omit, due to the tamarai)

* a very small amount of tamari sauce