sometimes a band-aid is better than a gaping wound…

…even if what’s really needed is major surgery.

my kitchen needs major surgery; i’ve known this for quite a while. it needs a renovation, but that won’t be happening any time soon.

so, band-aids it is.

utensils. i think it’s time that my love of rusty vintage kitchen utensils be retired. seriously. i bought a “microplane.”: it makes me want to grate again.

lighting. it was pointed out to me recently that a single 40-watt bulb in the overhead might be insufficient lighting for a kitchen, a suggestion backed up by the fact that i often turn on the dining room light when making food, because it’s the only way i can even begin to see what i’m doing.

today, i replaced the 40-watt with a 100-watt, replaced the bulb in the over-sink fixture, causing it to work for the first time since i moved in. i put in an “under-cabinet light”: that makes everything look pretty, even the dirt that i can now see very clearly.

there’s more to this project, but i won’t spoil the surprises. you’ll just have to wait for it to unfold.

i know you’re dying to see how it all goes down.