stable of a million

“mr. hoopty answers the challenge: how would you spend a million on cars?”:

of course, his answers are intriguing and gratifying; he and i seem to have some similar tastes, he just knows a whole hell of a lot more about cars than i do. right up at the top are several vw’s (note that a caddy is a pickup truck– that one’s at the top of my personal list at the moment) and sure enough, buried down there near the bottom is the citroen 2cv, which is probably #2 on my personal list.

since i can’t price any of the cars i am interested in, and since all i can think is, well first i’d need to spend about a quarter of a mil (at the very least) on the house and land and garage to house it all, i’d have a hard time constructing this list for myself. i also like the idea of serendipity in my car choices; the van just kind of came along, and i enjoy the “meant to be” feeling implied in that. i’d rather let luck and chance dictate what’s in my stable.

well, with one exception. i _would_ love to have a 1998 vw beetle citron limited edition. i’ve actually seen one in person, but they’re so rare that most people haven’t. i’d take it out to roswell, and it would be the only citron ever to go to roswell. and i’d preserve the hell out of it. that baby would be garaged and encased in a plastic bubble. (seriously– i know a guy who keeps his bug in a plastic bubble in his garage.)

other things i’d generally be on the lookout for include…

# some sort of mid-sixties british roadster

# some sort of mix-sixties or seventies station wagon– such as what mr. hoopty has recently posted about

# obviously, an aircooled vw beetle convertible of some sort. a triple white would be tempting, but i’d prefer an older model.

# a 23(?) window bus… you know, the sort of bus with skylights and a huge sunroof. for taking groups of people on picnics.

# a karmann ghia

# a delorean! i am a child of the 80’s, after all.

the rest would just have to come to me.

oh, and on this week’s epiosde of ‘alias’, the characters were driving around in a bare-metal van with suicide doors. _too cool._